Triple S Philippines

The All-new Triple S Philippines! 

Hello Filipino Triple S, say Hi to the new website for Triple S Philippines!

This website will be the new Triple S Philippines open for the public equipped with all the latest news, promotions, events for every Filipino SS501 fan!

We decided to launch this site mainly for easier access to Triple S Philippines as well as to be consistent with our mission and goal to aim and unite every Filipino Triple S. 

Please do note though that this site is mainly for public announcements and promotions. Triple S Philippines still encourage everyone to be active in the TSPH forum since the forum will still be used for events reservations, special discussions and privileges. 

You can also contact us through this site and the TSPH Team will do their best to answer your questions and entertain your concerns.

Please feel free to navigate the site. 


Thank you for supporting Triple S Philippines! 

- Kaye of TSPH Team


Welcome to TSPH

TSPH is the first and largest fanbase of DSP Entertainment's SS501(Double S 501). Its main goal is to unite SS501 Filipino fans here in the Philippines and in abroad & most especially to support SS501 in all their endeavors.

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